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Habits of a Healthy Marriage

Habits of a Healthy Marriage

Room 242

time 7:00 PM

Every Wednesday from

April 24, 2019


May 15, 2019

Habits of a Healthy Marriage

Wednesday nights
April 24 – May 15
7:00 p.m.
Room 242

Do you want a healthy marriage? It needs to be guided by a set of healthy habits.  In this 4-week seminar,  we will detail the healthy habits required for a beautiful marriage while identifying the toxic habits that need to be uprooted.  Whether you consider yourself a seasoned veteran, a rookie, or anywhere in between as it relates to marriage, this seminar will seek to challenge you to develop a healthy marriage.  We ultimately depend on God's grace, but we should work hard to protect and strengthen the most important human relationship in our lives.  Join us for these sessions as we seek the Lord together for growing marriages.

Do any of you have experience with gardening? You don’t have to be a botanist expert to know that gardens don’t bloom full of gorgeous flowers without pulling weeds and planting seeds. In the same way, you can’t expect your marriage to blossom full of love without the same effort – pulling weeds and pulling seeds in the soil of your daily life.

That’s why we are so excited stream Habits Of A Healthy Marriage, and new video resource from pastor and best-selling author Paul David Tripp. He’ll teach us the necessary habits that need to be planted for a healthy marriage while identifying the bad habits that need to be uprooted.

We want to encourage as many couples to make this series a priority and invest in your marriage.