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New Kid in the Pew 2017

New Kid in the Pew 2017


time 9:30 AM

August 13, 2017

Introducing Your Kindergartener to Big Church

New Kid in the Pew is a class designed to equip parents to help their Kindergarten child transition into our corporate worship service. We cover key topics and give parents the tools and helps to use with their child at home leading up to the time their child will join us in “big church.” For those of us who are familiar with the corporate worship service, there is a level of comfort and understanding which helps to make this time successful and meaningful. This class will help parents share that level of comfort with their child so they understand the key elements and importance of corporate worship.

What Can Children Learn From Worship?
  • Respect – Respect of others, time, generations, differences
  • Listening Skills & Imagination – Connection to the story
  • We NEED “Community” – Supportive family
  • Acceptance – They have a place.
  • Communication – Relating to others, building relationships with significant adults in real time, with real skin, face to face
What Can Parents Learn From This Class?

Practical Helps To Include Children In The Worship Experience

  • Set your children up for success by giving clear expectations and time frame. When can the paper/activity bag come out? Where will we sit? How do we show respect to others?
  • Location, location, location – Sit where they can see, hear, and feel included in all aspects of the worship experience.
  • Pray in the pew before the service begins – Pray for your church, pastor, teachers, friends, community, and people who need to hear about Jesus.
  • Encourage them to participate – Sing, pray, pass the offering, shake hands, take notes, help others.
  • Use the Listening Guide – List key words from the sermon for which your child can listen.
  • Make your own note cards – Take notes from the sermon to use for later family discussions.
  • Make it fun – Bring cool markers/highlighters. Have them use their Bibles and mark the verses the Pastor uses during the sermon on their sermon guide.
  • Be prepared – Provide a spiral/notebook/journal for them to take notes or draw pictures of the experience.
  • Have your child(ren) circle their favorite song on the Worship Guide – After church, look up the song and sing in the car on the way home, play it several times during the week.
  • Choose people for whom you would like to pray – Make a note for that person during the week and then have your child give them the note the following Sunday. (Pray for the same person for a month or choose a different family each week.)
  • Serve together – Greet, take up the offering, hand out Worship Guides, clean up the pews after worship, serve in your child’s class, etc.