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6/19/2016 – Judgement On The Nations

Keith Sanders
June 19, 2016

6/19/2016 – Judgement On The Nations

God Judges Nations that are cruel, disloyal, merciless, greedy and vengeful. Pastor Keith reviews the judgement of God from Amos 1:3 – 2:3

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One thought on “6/19/2016 – Judgement On The Nations

  1. Valerie Rowe says:

    Thank you for the clear presentation of these verses. I’ve been troubled by all the violence I read about in the Old Testament, but gained some understanding as you tied God’s judgment against the nations as described in Amos to Romans 1 and 2. The way you connected the Old Testament judgment to specific sins that are going on in the world – in our country – was also very helpful in gaining understanding of Amos.

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