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Adult Discipleship

“We proclaim Him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.” Colossians 1:28

It is our goal at First Baptist to help people progress in the lifelong pursuit of becoming like Christ. We desire to lead you to a growing and more vital faith. The purpose of our ministries is not just to give out information, but to lead people to transformation. It is our joy to help people fulfill God's calling in their lives. Thank you for investigating our ministries — we feel it will be a place that you (and your family) can grow and mature as a part of a larger “family.”



Sunday Mornings – Adult Bible Communities

We have small group Bible studies for all ages each Sunday morning at 9:30 and 11:00. Class listings are below.

Our adult classes offer two primary series for cohesive, structured Bible study  – The Gospel Project or Explore the Bible. Both are by Lifeway.

Many of our Sunday morning Bible studies (including preschool, children, and students) are studying through The Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered and Gospel-focused Bible study. The children will study the Bible chronologically while our students and adults will look at the doctrines God gives us in His Word and how they all point to Christ. The objective of The Gospel Project is to equip believers with a strong knowledge of the Gospel which leads them to a greater commitment to live out the truths of God's Word every day!

Some of our adult classes opt for the Explore the Bible series. “Explore the Bible provides book-by-book Bible studies for groups of adults, students, and kids. Each session takes participants deep into Scripture, revealing context essential to understanding the text's original intent, and promoting transformation through God's Word in everyday life.” Lifeway

Class Listings – 9:30 a.m. Classes

Department Room Ages Director Teachers
Adult B11 135 80's Patty Stallons Patty Stallons
Adult B12 134 70's – 80's Valerie Rowe Valerie Rowe
Adult B13 136 70's Claudia Perrigo Claudia Perrigo
Adult B14 145 60's – 70's Randy Richmond Rodney Smith, Vernon Ball, Roger Venable
Adult B15 222 60's – 70's Richard Pettigrew Rod Snead, Gary Goodyear
Adult B16 141 60's – 70's Monte Neece Jerry Poston
Adult B17 243 70's – 80's Ruel Garner Jim Flick
Adult B18 140 30's – 60's Lou Srncik Lou Srncik
Adult B21 244 50's Brent Barker David Farmer, Ken Nicholson
Adult B22 224 40's – 50's Charlie Calogero Jim Riddle
Adult B23 241 40's – 50's Doug North Scotty Mullins
Adult B25 150 40's – 50's Richard Harris Daylon Cranford
Adult B26 240 30's – 40's Dave Thurber Lance Wyatt
Adult B31 248 40's David Meyers Coy Bershers
Adult B32 245 20's – 30's
Adult B33 218 20's – 30's Chris Martin Scott Ferguson
Adult B35 216 20's – 30's Arden Huffstutler Ed Glasgow
Adult B42
225 30's & above Janette Owens Steve Owen
Adult B44
226 All ages Floydean Richmond Debbie O'Toole
Adult B45
141 All ages Diane Chace Ladessa Foshee, Sue Haas
Adult B50
138 All ages Christi Taylor Dee Smith, Joy Huber, Megan King


Class Listings – 11:00 a.m. Classes

Department Room Ages Director Teachers
Adult C13 139 60's & above Cecil Hill Jim Perry, Ken Gardner
Adult C15 134 60's – 70's Joe Estes Vince O'Grady
Adult C20 224 50's – 60's Bill Woodruff Russ Adams
Adult C21 219 50's Brent Rauscher David Carmical
Adult C23 242 40s' – 50's Butch Golden Brian Goble
Adult C25 218 40's Fred & Amy Pratt Karen Anthony
Adult C26 145 40's Mike & Carolyn Dougherty Dale Pfrimmer, Ron Piwetz
Adult C27 141 40's Stephen Gosart Robert Gopffarth
Adult B27 248 40's Matt Porter Darren Pyfer, Mack Zimmerman
Adult C30 245 All ages Jeff Footer Michael Wright
Adult C33 222 35 – 40's Dewey Stoffels Paul Chastain
Adult C34 150 30's – 40's Scott Pleasants Justin Jones, Trey Lansford
Adult C35 244 30's – 40's G.H.Cain, Jim Finke
Adult C42
225 All ages Danny Wright Jill Carroll, Nancy Carr
Adult C43
249 20's Blake Wofford Blake Wofford
Adult C45
136 All ages Fredda Peterson Sidi Davis



LiFE Groups and Social Nights

Adult Bible Communities Social Nights
Schedule 2017-2018

September 8 B25, B26, B35, C25, C27, C28, C30, C35
Register for childcare for September 8 Social Night.
September 15 B32, B33, C26, C33, C34
Register for childcare for September 15 Social Night.
Register for September 15 Preteen Social Night.
October 13 B25, B26, B35, C25, C27, C28, C30, C35
November 10 B32, B33, C26, C33, C34
December 1 B25, B26, B35, C25, C27, C28, C30, C35
December 8 B32, B33, C26, C33, C34
January 19 B25, B26, B35, C25, C27, C28, C30, C35
February 2 B32, B33, C26, C33, C34
March 2 B25, B26, B35, C25, C27, C28, C30, C35
April 6 B32, B33, C26, C33, C34
May 4 B25, B26, B35, C25, C27, C28, C30, C35
May 11 B32, B33, C26, C33, C34

Please notice: Childcare for Preteens, 5th & 6th graders, is available only to those departments listed in blue.

Click here to download printable PDF of Social Nights schedule.



LiFE Groups
Schedule 2017-2018

August – No meeting
September 24
Register for childcare for September 24 Life Groups.
October 29
November – No meeting
December – No meeting
January 28
February 25
March 25
April 29
May 20
June 24
July – No meeting


Click here to download printable PDF of LiFE Groups schedule.

Men's Ministry & Bible Studies

mens_bible_studies_fall2016_web_home_thirdOne of the keys to a man's growth in Christ is to find men of like heart and become brothers, moving together toward the goal of Christ-likeness. The men's ministry at First Baptist Church encourages men to develop vital relationships with other men that will help each man to walk with God and grow in his Christian life; to be a pacesetter at home and at church, and to share the Gospel with the lost and un-churched.

Additionally, We host The Man Summit annually in October. This event is led by Dr. Wright, and all men of every age are invited to attend.

Men’s Bible Study Classes

The Book of Hebrews
led by Art Wilson
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Room 135

Men's Bible Study – 1 Corinthians
led by Jim Flick
3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Room 147

Men's Bible Study – Prayer & Revival
led by Larry Clark
6:00 – 7:15 a.m.
Room 150





the_mn_summit_2016_valor_headerThe Man Summit
October 28-29, 2016

First Baptist Church Keller
225 Keller Parkway, Keller, Texas 76248

Men of Valor

The Brave Who Protect the Unprotected

We live in a dangerous world. Some communities are cultures of violence and depravity. But thanks to God, there are men who carry out tremendous acts of bravery in embattled circumstances. They are fearless when facing fierce enemies. They save lives and serve citizens. These are men of true godly grit. They posses a spirit of boldness. They hold a sincere love for God and exhibit a dauntless determination to keep people safe. The Scriptures reveal such men. They were great men of valor. We will learn about them at The Man Summit 2016.

Dr. Biff Gore — Guest Worship Leader and Bible Teacher
Biff Gore serves as Worship Leader and Associate Pastor at Highline Community Church in Denver, Colorado. Biff is also the President of Colorado Right to Life. Biff and his wife Marilyn are the parents of six wonderful children. Biff appeared on season 6 of The Voice with Team Usher and Blake. Dr. Biff Gore and Dr. Michael Wright served together at Cornerstone Church in Lone Tree, Colorado where Dr. Wright was Senior Pastor.

Brian Fisher — Speaker
Author, speaker, and business leader Brian Fisher co-founded Human Coalition after years serving in executive management. Brian is the author of four books, including the release, Deliver Us From Abortion: Awakening the Church to End the Killing of America’s Children. His columns have appeared in publications such as FoxNews.com, the Washington Post, Crosswalk, and CBN.com. Brian and his wife, Jessica, have two sons.

Tony Richmond — Bible Teacher
Tony Richmond has been serving First Baptist Church Keller for eight years. He began his work as an intern, but today is the Student Minister overseeing ministry to families with students grades 5 through college. Most recently, Tony has been the team leader for a growing work called OrphanCare, a ministry which helps inform, train, and support people desiring to serve as foster or orphan parents.

General Information
The Man Summit is an annual gathering of men designed for biblical teaching, training and strong encouragement. Cost for The Man Summit is $29 per man, $19 per student, and includes dinner Friday, breakfast Saturday, workbook, and the now “famous” The Man Summit golf shirt and hat.

Registration opens Sunday, September 25, in the main foyer of FBC Keller or online at www.TheManSummit.org.

The Schedule

Friday Night — October 28

6:00 . . . Check-in — Greeter Team

6:30 . . . Barbecue Dinner — Team Bershers

7:15 . . . Worship — Dr. Biff Gore

7:30 . . . Message — Tony Richmond

8:15 . . . Closing Prayer — Dr. Michael Wright

Saturday Morning — October 29

7:00 . . . Coffee and Conversation — Team Bershers

8:00 . . . Breakfast — Team Bershers

8:30 . . . Bible Devotional — Jim Flick

8:45 . . . Recognition of First Responders — Pastor Keith Sanders

9:00 . . . Worship — Dr. Biff Gore

9:15 . . . Message — Brian Fisher

10:00 . . Discussion Groups — Group Leaders

11:00 . . Message — Dr. Biff Gore

11:45 . . Final Word — Dr. Michael Wright

11:55 . . Closing Prayer — Lance Wyatt

Ladies' Ministry & Bible Studies

ladies_bible_studies_fall_2016_web_home_thirdThe purpose of the women's ministry is to encourage every woman to maintain a vital relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The women's ministry scriptural focus is found in Jeremiah 24:7 which says “And I will give them a heart to know Me, for I am the Lord; and they will be My people, and I will be their God, for they will return to Me with their whole heart.”‘

Ladies' Bible Study Classes

The Women’s Ministry offers Women’s Bible Study on Tuesday mornings during the school year. Topics of study vary from semester to semester, but usually include a Beth Moore study as well as a Precepts study.

Childcare is provided if requested in advance.
Please click here for Tuesday Morning Ladies' Bible Study only.

To sign up there are sign-up sheets at the Women’s Ministry Table area (across from the gym). For additional information, please contact the church office.

Sermon on the Mount
led by Janie Gatewood
9:30 a.m.
Room 150

What does it mean to be a citizen of the kingdom of Heaven? The Gospel of Matthew opens with three chapters containing Jesus' longest recorded message, a sermon given to His disciples early in His ministry to articulate what the life of a Christ-follower would look like. It was a message intended to turn upside down every expectation His closest followers might have. Both practical and profound, the sermon asks of us the same questions it posed to its original hearers: How should a disciple relate to sin? To others? To the Law? How does a disciple think, speak, and act? What is the nature of true righteousness?

In His sweeping depiction of kingdom citizenship, Jesus utters some of the most familiar passages in all of Scripture. Most of us have only encountered the Sermon on the Mount in fragments, considering its subdivisions as complete teachings in their own right a study on blessedness, a reflection on the Lord s Prayer, a meditation on lilies of the field. But what if we navigated these three chapters as they were originally heard: as one cohesive, well-ordered message, intended to challenge us to think differently about repentance, salvation, and sanctification? This 9-week study by Jen Wilkin does just that. Seat yourself on a mountainside to learn at the feet of Jesus. Ask for ears to hear and a heart to respond to the teaching of our King.

Precepts: Revelation – Part 4
led by Gary and Karen Floyd
9:30 a.m. and again at 7:00 p.m.
Room 245


First Place 4 Health
Led by Joy Huber
7:00 p.m.
Room 249

Most people would like to be known as kind, gentle, loyal and loving, but many do not know that developing these traits is also the key to living a balanced life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually! The Bible says that love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are the fruit of the Spirit that grow in believers lives as they submit to Christ (see Gal, 5:19-23).
In this Bible study, First Place 4 Health members will discover how growing the fruit of the Spirit will transform them into the whole and balanced creations God intends them to be.
This First Place 4 Health Bible study contains 12 weeks of daily studies to help you put Christ in first place, as well as weekly Live It Trackers to document your progress.  Also included are Scripture memory cards, a coordinating Scripture memory music CD, and two complete weeks of menu plans with grocery lists, recipes and detailed nutrition information.


Mom to Mom
Thursdays starting September 21, 2017
(10 weeks)
9:30 a.m., Room 150
led by mentor moms

Mom to Mom Ministry is a biblically-based parenting program rooted in God’s Word. It is a safe place for Christian, as well as non-Christian, married and single moms. M2M’s mission is to educate, encourage, and equip women for two of the most important jobs in the world — being a wife and being a parent. We use practical, biblically-based teaching and supportive interaction in small groups, led by experienced moms. We wish to foster growth as a wife, parent, and woman.

Please click here if you need childcare.

You will be directed to a sign-up page.

scrapbook background. Card and tools with decoration


Our Cards of Encouragement Ministry is also sponsored by our Women’s Ministry. This group of women meets quarterly to create cards that are then sent weekly to various members with needs. Valerie Rowe (817-360-4620) leads this group.

shutterstock_155571905_group_quiltingThe Women’s Ministry, through our Women on Mission, has a Quilting Group that meets the 4th Thursday of every month at 9:30 in room 224. These women make quilts for babies at a couple of hospitals, for a shelter in Ft. Worth, and to be taken on mission trips. Please contact JoAnne Sheppard for more details (817-431-9505).

Senior Adult Ministry


First Baptist Church has an active group of senior adults.

“I searched for a man among them who would repair the wall and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land…”
Ezekiel 22:30

Our Mission
God’s Active People (GAP) ministry is based on Ezekiel 22:30 where people were called to stand in the GAP. Our Senior Adult ministry has many different factors that reflect spiritual ministry and social ministry.

Our Events
We have ongoing events that meet every month.

a cup of coffee on wooden table and book

GAP Breakfast
Our group meets the first Thursday of each month to enjoy a hot breakfast along with fellowship. Please join us!


istock_000026754793_largeJOY Club
The JOY Club meets on the third Thursday of each month to play games, enjoy desserts and have a time of fellowship. We hope to see you there!


We take day trips several times a year to events like the Artisan Theater, George Bush Library, Southwestern Seminary, SBT Evangelism Conference, and Camp Copass. We have taken several longer trips to Branson, Albany and Amarillo. Additionally, we have taken cruises and land tours to the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada, and Europe.

A highlight each year is our annual Senior Adult Summer Bible Conference where we have a three day preaching and singing conference with a luncheon each day.

Missions and Ministries
Our seniors have taken mission trips to St. George, Utah, and Alaska.

Weekly, our Nursing Home Ministry ministers and has services in eleven nursing homes that impact about 200 people each week and touch those who no longer can be involved in their home churches.

Our Homebound Ministry touches the lives of our members that cannot attend our worship services by visits each week to bring them a DVD or CD of our Sunday worship services along with other materials.

If you would like more information about how you might serve in either of these ministries please contact our Senior Adult Minister, Ted Eaton at teaton@fbckeller.org.


Each year, we host a Summer Bible Conference featuring guest speakers and live music for all. This year's conference was a huge success. Please watch for details on next year's conference. Below are the highlight's of this summer's past conference.

August 7-9, 2017
10:00 a.m. – Noon

Please join us for three days of worship and celebration. Each day will include a free lunch.

Speakers will include:
Jim Perry
Roy Burson
Dallas Turner
Wayne Sanders
Vernon Ball
Jon Moore

Music will feature Rodney Smith & Dave Cox.

“Heritage of Hymns” Kick-off Concert
August 6
6:00 p.m.
Worship Center

We will kick off this year's event with a concert featuring “Heritage of Hymns”  with famed composer and pianist, Dr. Don Wyrtzen, as he teams up with long-time friend and pastor-singer, Dr. Bruce McCoy. You will hear inspiring hymns, stories behind the songs, and a spiritual challenge to strengthen your heritage of faith. And yes, Don and Bruce will take requests! For more information, go to swbts.edu/alumni/partnership-opportunities/heritage-hymns-concerts/



Adult Discipleship Classes

Fall 2017 Discipleship Classes

Tuesday Classes
Class Time Room Start Date Leader(s)
Women's Bible Study – Sermon on the Mount 9:30 a.m. 150 September 12  Janie Gatewood
Women's Bible Study – Precepts:
Revelation –  Part 4
9:30 a.m. 245 September 12 Karen Floyd
Men's Bible Study
1:30 p.m. 135 Ongoing Art Wilson
Revelation –  Part 4
7:00 p.m. 245 September 12 Gary and Karen Floyd
Wednesday Classes
Class Time Room Start Date Leader(s)
Men's Bible Study
1 Corinthians
3:00 p.m. 147 Ongoing Jim Flick
DivorceCare 6:00 p.m. 227 September 6 Mike Hawkins
Laura Lutz
DivorceCare for Kids 6:00 p.m. 221 September 6 Leanna Reynolds Peggy Gholston Brenda Mahon
Rooted 6:00 p.m. 136 September 6 Tony Richmond
Financial Peace University 6:30 p.m. 243 September 6 Blake Wofford
First Place 4 Health Bible Study 7:00 p.m. 249 September 6 Joy Huber
Explore Missions 7:00 p.m. 243 September 6 Lawrence Duhon
That the World May Know 7:00 p.m. 242 September 6 Jack Gatewood

Thinking Christianly About Life's Big Questions

7:00 p.m. 245 September 6 Dr. Joe Wooddell

Spiritual Disciplines and Personal Revival

7:00 p.m. 248 September 6 Mark Bearden
The Essentials: 7 Simple Disciplines 7:00 p.m. 248 October 18 Dr. Micheal Wright
Thursday Classes
Mom to Mom 9:30 a.m. 150 September 21 Carolyn Cain
Friday Classes
Men's Bible Study
Prayer & Revival
6:00 a.m. 150 Ongoing Larry Clark


Click here to download a printable PDF of the Discipleship Classes schedule.



Adult Sunday School Teacher Resources

Lifeway offers our Adult Bible Study teachers 5 minute podcasts about upcoming Sunday School lessons. Please explore the links below for resources that can help you with your next Gospel Project or Explore the Bible lesson.

Explore The Bible

Click below to access the podcast for this week's Explore the Bible lesson as well as links to previous and future lessons.
Explore the Bible – Session 5, Sufficient

The Gospel Project   

Click below to access the podcast for this week's The Gospel Project lesson as well as links to previous and future lessons.
The Gospel Project – Unit 1: Jesus the Savior, Session 5: The Savior Is Crucified